Thursday, March 10, 2022

Womens Back Training: Female bodybuilder Leonie Rose :

Womens Back Training: Female bodybuilder  Leonie Rose

Leonie Rose is a female bodybuilder on a mission! She's big, bad, and beautiful sure, but she's also very smart – smart enough to make the pull-up one of the cornerstones of her bodybuilding routine.

If you believed the nonsense on the internet you'd probably take the view that women just can't do pull-ups, that they're too weak and just don't have the upper body strength.

Why Do Pull-Ups?
A pull-up recruits every muscle in the upper body and is one of the greatest activators of the core. Besides hitting the lats the pull-up also hits the shoulders, arms, and traps. If you dream of a big sexy muscular back then pull-ups are a must.

Correct Pull-Up Technique
The pull-up uses an overhand grip on the bar. Place hands shoulder-width apart at first – experienced lifters like Leonie have the power and expertise to use a wider grip, but initially a wide grip is harder to pull off and can place excessive stress on the shoulders and elbows. Start in the dead hang position and cross your legs behind you. Before you pull yourself up over the bar, keep the following cues in mind:

Look straight ahead and focus on a spot on the far wall. This will keep the chin tucked. The last thing you want is to strain your neck.
Think of using your LATS, not your biceps.
Pull your shoulder blades back and down.
Draw your chest up toward the bar. Clear your chin over the bar at the top and squeeze.
Control the movement on the way down.
At the bottom of the movement, stop just shy of lockout—keep a slight bend in your elbows.

And that's it.

Start with a single rep and, in true bodybuilding fashion, BUILD IT UP FROM THERE!

It will take a little time but soon you'll be repping out the pull-ups like the bad-ass bodybuilder you are!

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