Saturday, April 30, 2022

Lean and Ripped Versus Big and Bulky, Who Wins? :

Lean and Ripped Versus Big and Bulky, Who Wins?
The general public is steadily converting to the lean body lover side of the ideal body spectrum. Ripped celebrities and shredded athletes now take center stage when it comes to selecting how one wishes to look when their total body transformation is complete. Personally, I couldn't be happier. I've always been a big proponent of having a physique that is dynamic and well-versed in all areas of fitness, not just one.

A body that is muscular, compact, low in body fat, agile, quick, conditioned, flexible, explosive and functional - now that's a body that exudes optimal health and offers major confidence and sex appeal. To further enhance the shift in favor of the lean, ripped and natural body type, we're constantly being let down by our big and powerful role models that, as it turns out, aren't as heroic as we'd once thought.

Not a week goes by where some current (or former) big-time athlete is accused of, or admits to using steroids or other performance enhancing substances. Discovering that your childhood role model had cheated his way to a large, muscular physique that undoubtedly enhanced his abilities as an athlete, is a letdown to say the least. I believe this resentment has made us even more anti-bulk, if you know what I mean. I honestly feel sorry for the natural bodybuilders who work their butts off to gain significant muscular size, while maintaining impressive levels of leanness.

Even if their bodies are entirely the result of hard work, strategic planning and extreme dedication, many onlookers will assume steroids were used to achieve these results. This is unfortunate. Having said that, the lean and ripped fitness model physique is now starting to become the favorite, in terms of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional body type for everyday life.

Ripped and symmetrical body frames that maximize the v-taper in men and hourglass figure in women, are superior to the large, bulky, square-shaped physiques of those who focus solely on muscle mass and tend to ignore everything else. We, as humans, are genetically predisposed to being attracted to this specific body type and you're starting to see the ripped hard-bodies steal back the limelight in the ideal body debate.

So who wins - lean and ripped or big and bulky? Although there will always be supporters of both body types, I'm convinced that the majority of people are starting to prefer the former of the two types of physiques. Will you be joining the lean body revolution?

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