Monday, May 2, 2022

Some tips to optimize results in bodybuilding :

Some tips to optimize results in bodybuilding
There are several tips that beginners do not know when they start bodybuilding. Here is a series of tips to optimize the chances of success of the first bodybuilding program.

Use a mirror

Improper placement can make exercises dangerous, both short-term and long-term. This is why it is useful to use the mirrors that generally provide all weight rooms (they are not there to flatter the ego of bodybuilders!).

Control the movements

Constant progress in bodybuilding is essential, but speed should not be confused with haste. The movements must be controlled, with a moderate speed during the effort phase and slow during the return phase. Also avoid partial movements that expose the muscles to progressive shortening.

Take care of your sleep

Muscle development is dependent on hormonal factors whose secretion peak occurs during sleep. So be sure to ensure an optimal amount of sleep to get the most out of this hormone.

Don't neglect the breath

Many beginners tend to hold their breath when exerting themselves. It is quite the opposite that you should do: remember to breathe deeply with each repetition and in the postures.

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