Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The gym... If you were about to judge...

The gym... If you were about to judge...
If you were about to judge...

...You see that super skinny girl at the gym.. She's actually trying to gain weight, not lose it.

...Oh that chick taking a butt selfie in the mirror… Used to get teased for having a flat ass. She’s been training for over 10 years and is finally proud of what she sees.

...How about the girl who's in the gym twice a day… She’s not obsessed; she's working towards becoming a pro to inspire other women.

...What about the woman who has a face full of makeup… She isn't showing off for you. She’s a single mother of three, and putting on makeup every morning is the only time she gets to do anything for herself.

...Then there is the girl doing squats wrong… Was raised in a household where health and fitness was not encouraged and is finally taking responsibility for her own wellness. She would love it if you showed her the proper way.

… The chick wearing the crop top and short shorts… She has struggled with self-image most of her life, but just lost 30 pounds. She finally is proud of the skin she's in.
Next time you go to judge... don't.

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