Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Are You Using Your Muscles Enough to Keep Them (Part 2) ?

Are You Using Your Muscles Enough to Keep Them (Part 2) ?

Are You Using Your Muscles Enough to Keep Them (Part 2) ? :

If you haven't heard about strength training exercise, it is the process or exercising the muscular system with weighted resistance to strengthen, condition and to keep it strong and healthy. As we no longer get enough of the natural activity in our modern sedentary and largely inactive world we can only stay well and healthy when we take the time to put intentional exercise back into our busy lives.

Strength training helps develop a leaner, stronger body boosting the metabolism (the body's engine) increasing available energy, endurance and stamina. Mental and emotional health is improved as well by increasing self-esteem, confidence and self worth. These improvements have a great influence on our metabolic efficiency (the way our body uses food to create energy) physical appearance and performance and reduce risk of injury and illness.

Nothing can match strength training exercise for producing these benefits. Low intensity recreational activities like walking, jogging or cycling work the muscles only in limited ranges of movement and cannot strengthen the muscular system and combat declines in strength, bone density and muscle mass that accompany disuse.

If you don't look after your muscles through the years you will lose up to 50 percent of them when you reach you senior years. This will leave you in a poor condition for the rigors of aging. Get yourself started on your proper strength training program and keep yourself strong so you will never need someone to help you get up from a chair or dress or feed you. It is in each of our hands so don't delay.

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