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Big Powerful Shoulders, Hard Gainers Guide to Building Huge Deltoids :

Big Powerful Shoulders, Hard Gainers Guide to Building Huge Deltoids
Nothing accentuates a muscular physique more than big powerful shoulders capped with huge deltoids particularly when they taper down to a small tight waist replete with chiseled 6 pack abs.

Now, I can hear you thinking, hey, I am a hardgainer. I have a small frame with narrow shoulders and no matter how hard I work out in the gym and how many weights I lift I am not going to be able to build big powerful shoulders with huge deltoids.

Well, I have good news for you. Hardgainers can definitely build big powerful shoulders with humongous cannonball delts. It just a matter of picking the appropriate shoulder routine allied of course, with the right nutritional plan and right gym habits. But let us stick with looking at an appropriate shoulder routine for the hardgainer for now:

I would strongly suggest you base your routine on the basic compound movements with barbells: 1. Shoulder Press 2. Military Press 3.Power Clean and Press

These are power movements that will not only work the shoulders thoroughly, but also greatly increase your overall strength. My personal favorite is the Power Clean and Press. It is a movement that will not only give you big powerful shoulders, but also has an overall anabolic effect on the whole body like squats and deadlifts.

An excellent shoulder routine for the hardgainer that will build huge deltoids, that I really favor is:

5 sets of Power clean and Press.. 2 warm up sets of 10-12 reps and 3 heavy sets of 8-10 reps.

4 heavy sets of seated Arnold D/B Press...8-10 rep

This is a short intense routine of 7 working heavy sets. More than enough for the hardgainer.

The idea is to get in the gym, blast those shoulders with a short, sharp intense workout, then get the hell out.

You can of course choose any of the other two basic compound movements or the Clean and Press, in combination with the Arnold D/B Press or D/B Lateral raises

You may think this is way too short a routine. But I must emphasize that one thing I have learnt in over 15 years of training is that hardgainers like you and I cannot afford to indulge in gut busting, hours long, multi set routines as favoured by pro bodybuilders in the bodybuilding magazines. That will lead to overtraining, fried joints and insignificant muscle gains. Pro bodybuilders use steroids that enables them to train longer and recover quicker. We choose to train cleanly and naturally without drug use and hence, have to adopt different and smarter training methods.

The only way for the hardgainer to go, is short, sharp and intense, with compound movements. Get in the gym, do your stuff, get out, get plenty of good nutrition and plenty of rest and recuperation before your next workout.

If you stick with this, you will succeed in building slabs of ripped muscle and big powerful shoulders with huge deltoids.

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