Thursday, September 8, 2022

7 Female Muscle Building Tips :

Bodybuilding or gaining muscle is not only for men but also for women. That is the reason why I have compiled 7 powerful tips that surely helps any female who wants to build muscle. It is also important to do all the exercises in proper form to avoid injuries. So it is highly advisable to learn proper form before attempting any workouts. Also warm ups are very important before starting your actual workouts. Never avoid warm up sets, these are very crucial to avoid the risk of injury.

Building muscles also helps women to burn fat easily. More muscles equals to fast metabolism and fast metabolism leads to easy fat loss. Building muscles also helps a woman later in life when she becomes more susceptible to bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

So here are 7 powerful female muscle building tips

1. Pay attention to nutrition very well. It is the fuel for muscles. Without proper nutrition it is not possible to build muscles. Two important meals to consider are pre workout and post workout meals. Pre workout meal should be taken 60 minutes before the workout and the post workout meal should be taken right after workout or it should never go beyond 90 minutes. Both pre and post workout meals should contain high quality proteins and carbohydrates.

2. Avoid over training at any cost. Over training will only lead to muscle loss, not muscle gains. Never workout for more than one hour (45 minutes is optimal). In case of bodybuilding more is not good. So your workouts should only be about 45 minutes.

3. Do not do high reps. Doing high reps will result in more of a cardio like workout and not muscle building workout. You repetition range should be between 8-12 reps for each set. Try to do an extra rep or increase weight if you feel the workout is not challenging.

4. This will also helps when you hit a plateau. If you come to a plateau, make your workout more challenging by either increasing the weight or changing the workout plans.

5. Get enough rest for your muscle recovery. Your muscles will grow at rest, not when you are working it. So it is very crucial to give enough rest to grow muscles. So only train each body part once a week.

6. When training with weights, women can change their entire figure and can become more beautiful than they could. If you cannot believe take a look at this incredible female muscle transformation.

7. The last tip I have to give is, do not shy away from weights. Women have a wrong impression that weight training will bulk them with huge muscles. This is not true because women have less amount of testosterone, which makes men bulk up. The pictures of huge muscle women you see in magazines takes high amount of steroids and that is what helps them to build incredible muscles. But a natural female bodybuilder do not have to worry about this.

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