Monday, September 19, 2022

What's Your Ideal Waist Size?

Achieving the much-coveted trim waistline or "six-pack" abs is a common goal for many bodybuilders. Quite possibly, this is a goal of yours. If so, then in your quest for this goal, you've probably wondered: "What is my ideal waist size"? Well, there's no precise method to determine your ideal waist size since there are so many variables. However, there are methods you can use to obtain "ball-park" estimates of your "ideal" waist size. I have one method for men and one method for women:

For Men - Shoulder-to-Waist Size Ratio Method & Chest-to-Waist Size Ratio Method - By measuring your shoulder girth and/or your chest girth, you can calculate an "ideal" waist girth. These ratios have been determined by scientific studies that revealed which male girth dimensions are more attractive to women. The male "V-Taper" look with a Shoulder-to-Waist Ratio of 1.6 and a Chest-to-Waist Ratio of 1.4 are the most desired and pleasing proportions to women.

For the Shoulder-to-Waist Size Ratio calculation, measure the shoulder girth and divide that number by 1.6. For example, if you had a 50" shoulder girth, then divide 50 by 1.6 to get 31.25" "ideal" waist girth.

For the Chest-to-Waist Size Ratio calculation, measure the chest girth and divide by 1.4. If you had a 44" chest girth, then you would calculate a 31.4" "ideal" waist size.

For Women - Waist-to-Hip Ratio- Studies of female shapes have been done to determine the Waist-to-Hip Ratio that men find the most desirable and attractive. From these studies, the "ideal" waist girth for women is 0.7 of the hip girth.

To find the "ideal" waist size, measure the hip girth at the largest part of the hips and multiply that number times 0.7. For instance, if your hip girth was 36", then your "ideal" waist girth would be 36" x 0.7 = 25.2".

Waist size can be established as a goal. Use these estimated "ideal" waist girths as guidelines when establishing your ab training goals. Your waist size goal will help you determine your progress toward reaching your "six-pack" goal.

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