Saturday, October 15, 2022

A Simple Guide to Body Building Hair Removal :

A Simple Guide to Body Building Hair Removal
Displaying their well built body for glory and winning titles would be the ultimate aim of most of the body builders. The first and foremost problem for them would be the layer of hair on all surfaces of the body. It does never look good to show your built body with them. Hence removing the hair from these areas is an important and huge task apart from building the body. Here is how to expose the gleaming and well built body without the ugly hairs.

Shaving, waxing, sugaring, depilatories, electrolysis and laser hair removal are the methods of hair removal in practice today. While the others are just temporary solutions to the problem, electrolysis and laser hair removal methods are the most expensive but permanent solutions that one can give to himself/herself. Not all the methods are applicable to all areas for each type of skin is different.

Shaving can be done on surfaces that are tougher and ones where repetitive shaving can be done with ease. Moustache, beard, armpits are the three main areas. Apart from these, for men, the hair growing on the groin and other sensitive and private parts must be cut short with scissors and a new wet razor, dipped in a disinfectant must be used to shave the hair off. Women can use shaving only in the underarms and groin region, where it is safer to do so.

Waxing and sugaring must be done on areas that cannot have stubbles from shaving like the chest, arms, legs, back, back of the neck, tummy region and thighs. This can be painful but is a smooth solution. Application of moisturiser after waxing or sugaring will help.

Some places like the upper lips and nipples have hair that needs a different treatment called tweezing where the skin has to be stretched and the hair has to be pulled from the root.

So are you ready to show your gleaming body to all? Go ahead!

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