Wednesday, October 19, 2022

I lost 200lbs, without surgery. 🔥

I lost 200lbs, without surgery. 🔥

For those in here who feel that they need to resort to surgeries to lose the weight. You don’t have to, it takes discipline, dedication, time, consistency, and habitual lifestyle changes.

On the photo on the left, I was 379lbs, 16 years old, I could barely fit in a car, I was two airplane seats, I couldn’t really tie my shoes, going up 10 stairs was challenging and hard.

When I was 19 I made the commited decision to change my life and not look back, this point I was 350 lbs, within 18 months I lost 200lbs, I sacrificed everything for it.

I was living on my own and had to bus 1.5 hours to work, and back home, i bused to the gym worked out for 2-3 hours, 20-30 minutes of cardio on the stairmaster, 30-45minutes of stretching and 1.5-2 hours working out every night, I would leave my house at 5am to get to work and wouldn’t get home until 11pm - 12am and would do it over and over again, I was dedicated, I portioned sized, I didn’t starve.

Please don’t be only eating 1200 calories it doesn’t work long term, I can promise you that. I was eat 1800-1900 calories throughout my whole weight loss, and I did it on my own with no coach.
I know that If I can do it and I’m 24 now that you can too 🔥

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