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Meet Andrea Shaw, the World's Greatest Female Bodybuilder

Meet Andrea Shaw, the World's Greatest Female Bodybuilder
Andrea Shaw born December 18, 1983 is an American professional bodybuilding champion and physique and figure competitor. She holds two Ms. Olympia title wins and two Ms Rising Phoenix title wins.

Andrea grew up in Detroit, Michigan. As a girl growing up, she was into gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. At Benjamin Nolan Middle School.
After middle school, she was burnt out from gymnastics and cheerleading, so she got into academics in high school. After gaining some extra weight, her mother, a nurse and former personal trainer, encouraged her athletic ambitions by getting her to start working out at the Powerhouse Gym in Centerline, Michigan. After the age of 15, she began attending the gym on her own. Her mother's training partner was a female bodybuilder and began giving her advice on muscle building exercises when she was 17 years old.

At the age of 18, Andrea's training adviser told her mom she didn't think she had the heart to stick with training. This encouraged her to focus on obtaining great shape. While training one day at Powerhouse Gym, she came across an Oxygen Magazine and saw the magazine was full of athletic fitness and sports models. She decided that would be her ambition. However, her body began responding quickly to resistance training and once she started intense weight training, soon people were asking her if she competed in muscle competitions. She didn't see herself as having enough size and development to compete as a bodybuilder, but liked the way the figure competitors looked in the magazines. In 2008, she entered two figure competitions, placing 3rd and 4th, but she didn't feel she was on the right path. She took 8 years off from competing.

Andrea attended Wayne State University, where she began studies during freshmen year in the exercise science program. She earned a BA in exercise and sports science, along with continuing to refine her resistance training. In her academic pursuit, she said she neglected her physical health and gained about 20 pounds that year. To address her physical health, she took small steps to exercise and diet. Instead of cutting food from her diet, she said she made substitutions, like baked chips in place of regular chips, and spinach wraps rather than regular bread. She began to research bodybuilding. She took an eight-year break after college to continue her bodybuilding studies. She interned at the Detroit Medical Center, worked in the physical therapy department at Beaumont and received her group training and personal training certificates

    2016 John Simmons Championships – 4th
    2018 Ohio Natural Championship – 2nd
    2018 John Simmons Championship – 1st
    2018 Lenda Murray Detroit Classic – 1st
    2018 North Americans – 3rd
    2018 Nationals – 2nd
    2019 IFBB Tornoto Pro Supershow – 11th

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