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Latissimus Dorsi Exercises - The Best Exercises For You To Do :

Latissimus Dorsi Exercises - The Best Exercises For You To Do

Latissimus Dorsi is nothing but the scientific term for your "lats" or your upper back. They are the large group of muscles that are connected to the arms and shoulders. Generally, these muscles are underdeveloped in most men and women as we do not get to use them much. With sedentary lifestyles that require long hours at a computer, there is not much of a chance for the lats or the back to be exercised sufficiently.

The following latissimus dorsi exercises will hopefully allow you to change that by allowing you to do exercises that will target your back. These exercises will give you a wider look and will also result in the much desired V-shape

Latissimus Dorsi Exercises

The pull up - This age old exercise can strengthen your back very effectively. A wide grip will give you a wider back while a narrow grip will give you a thicker back. Some people also use their biceps when doing the latissimus dorsi exercises by having a grip where the knuckles of their hands face them rather than away from them. Whichever technique you use, do the pull ups without swinging your body. It should be done with a controlled motion. If pull ups are too difficult, try weight assisted pull ups where some of your body weight will be offset by weights. Every gym will usually have a weight assisted pull up machine.

Pulldowns - This is sort of the opposite of pull ups in the sense that you are pulling down weights with your back as opposed to lifting up your own body weight. There are many ways to do the pull down with some people bringing down the bar in front of their face while some bring it down towards the back. It can also be done with both a wide grip as well as a narrow grip. Both methods are fine but one should remember that these exercises also need to be done in a slow and steady manner. Pulling on the bar wildly while swinging your body is not recommended and you should take special care not to lean back as you pull down as you can hurt your back doing that.

Seated rows - This is another exercise that will have to be done at the gym. You will be seated in a rowing like position. You have to keep your back straight and pull a bar that is connected to suspended weights. Start with outstretched arms and slowly pull the bar towards your waist. Do it with a controlled motion.

All three exercises above are the usual recommended latissimus dorsi exercises that will target and isolate the back muscles.

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