Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Truth About Six Pack Abs, What to Do When Your Body Stalls Out!

The Truth About Six Pack Abs, What to Do When Your Body Stalls Out!
It's been called the holy grail of bodybuilding and one of the hardest goals to achieve no matter how experienced you may be at this game. And that is finally getting down to low enough body fat levels where you can actually carve out a shredded set of six pack abs.

One of the biggest problems is the conflicting information from supplement companies and many of the like. Many of them state "if you take this product, your abs would magically appear" and since the magazine articles and the websites all promise you that it's going to be easy to accomplish, why hasn't everybody been successful at it yet?

In this article and the articles that follow we are going to discuss what it really takes to blast off belly fat and dispose of the myths that have been going around concerning ways to lose belly fat and get six pack abs once and for all.

Depending on how you have been working out, some people will lose weight and then get to a point where their body just stalls out or stops decreasing in fat. Many guys stall out around 14 to 15% body fat. Whereas women will stall out somewhere in the low 20s. So getting to that next level does require some changes to both your training and nutrition.

One thing that will be helpful in this matter is by taking your training to a new intensity level. If you have only been doing regular cardio, you can try to incorporate sprinting into your workout. If your body is fairly in good shape, sprinting is one of the ways you can stimulate some muscle building hormones and increase the intensity of your workout. If you are weightlifting, working different muscle groups while one is resting and taking less break time between sets is also beneficial for building muscle and decreasing body fat.

In terms of nutrition, if you have been on a strict diet and have been depriving yourself and being overly restrictive, in time your body will rebel and start to store on more fat. So one of the ways around this is to have at least one cheat day out of the week. This is one of the ways you can trick your body into thinking that it's full again and not starving yourself. A gradual change in habit and lifestyle is essential when it comes to weight lost and keeping the pounds off but many have done it and YOU CAN TOO!

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