Friday, February 10, 2023

I want to share my story, my journey in Weight loss :

I want to share my story, my journey in Weight loss
But I want to share my story. I’m still on my journey but I want to help those who are struggling to either get started or keep going. The first picture was in 2013 at 300lbs. During this time I smoked, was in a DV relationship, and was turning to food for comfort. I lost 40lbs over 2 years behind my exs back by walking slow on a treadmill at school. I managed to escape the relationship, but I still struggled. Finally in 2017, I took my life back by quitting smoking and exercising to compensate for the cravings.

From there my lifestyle changed and in 2019 I was 180! But then I met my now husband and we all know with new love comes weight gain! So over 3 years of dating, planning a wedding, and loss of my mother in law made me gain 40lbs back! Cut to last month when I jumped back to the journey at 224. Today I am at 12lbs lost! My advice is it’s gonna take time but you will get there! Even if you fall off you can jump back on! And above all, don’t feel pressure. Do it your own way and do it for you! And be kind to yourself. I wish all of you success in your journeys

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