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5 Best push up for biceps:

It's important to understand that push-ups primarily target chest, shoulders, and triceps, not biceps. Biceps are involved minimally in stabilizing your body during the movement. However, incorporating exercises that target your biceps alongside push-ups can build a well-rounded upper body. Here are some options:

1. Diamond Push-Ups: These push-ups with hands close together slightly activate the biceps more due to their increased involvement in hand position control. However, the primary focus remains chest and triceps.

2. Incline Push-Ups:
Performing push-ups with your hands elevated on a bench or platform shifts some stress to the upper chest and shoulders, potentially leading to a slight increase in bicep engagement for stability.

3. Decline Push-Ups: While not as common, decline push-ups with your feet elevated engage the lower pecs and may indirectly involve the biceps for stabilization. However, the focus remains on chest and triceps.

4. Push-Ups with Bicep Curls: This combination exercise involves performing a standard push-up followed immediately by a bicep curl with each arm, using dumbbells or your bodyweight. This directly targets both muscle groups.

5. Superset Push-Ups and Bicep Curls: Perform a set of push-ups followed immediately by a set of bicep curls without rest. This superset format allows you to train both muscle groups in a condensed timeframe.

Remember, these exercises involve minimal bicep activation compared to dedicated bicep exercises like bicep curls. For focused bicep development, consider incorporating bicep exercises directly into your workout routine alongside push-ups.

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