Monday, March 26, 2018

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Julie Coram Stripped of Recent FAME Title. They say the best place to hide a tree is in the forest, but how does that transcend in the world of women's fitness competitions? Female bodybuilders have obviously used heavy doses of anabolic steroids and not many would be surprised if one of the Ms. Olympia competitors tested positive. It was supposed to be a different story when the other women 's categories came into play.

Fitness and Figure classifications were viewed differently, but that may have changed.Julie Coram's positive test for three different types of anabolic steroids may have - fairly or unfairly - changed the public's perception on the sports. A urine sample taken after she won the female muscle model category at the Ainsley McSorley FAME Model Search Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba on May 24 revealed high levels of boldenone, oxandrolone and DHEA.

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