Sunday, February 24, 2019

Video How to win at the arm wrestling ?

Video How to win at the arm wrestling ?
- Play the bullying card. Watch your opponent right in the eye and smile.
- Always tell yourself that you will win before the match. This will give you a psychological advantage.
- Raising weights is always helpful because it strengthens your arms. From the kickoff, push fast with all your might to surprise your opponent and win in a few seconds rather than get tired in a long game.
- Keep your hand firmly locked in one grip and slowly push your opponent's hand.
- Do not lose confidence in telling your opponent that he will beat you. He may be too sure of himself and you risk losing more.

- Have sportsmanship. If you lose, do not worry. There will always be other opportunities.
- If you know that your opponent is much stronger than you, use less force and avoid giving everything from the start, because it will only return your action against you and you will be very hurt!
-  Keep your eyes on the other person's hand.
-  Make your opponent laugh so that he loses his strength.

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