Thursday, April 18, 2019

Workout tips :

Workout tips
Does training on an empty stomach help burn fat?
It's not the fat that burns during training that makes the difference, it's the fat that burns between training that really matters! Wondering how much fat you can burn during a workout makes as much sense as wondering how much muscle you gain by lifting your weight. (In reality, you do not gain muscle during training, you produce the effort that will eventually lead to muscle mass.)

Training is the catalyst for change, not the change itself. During high intensity workouts, the body burns carbohydrates and creatine, not body fat. But that boosts your metabolism which, therefore, attacks your body fat stores between workouts. So go ahead and eat enough before your workouts to maximize the results you expect! (Prefer carbohydrates before training and protein after exercise, this will give you better performance during exercise and better recovery.)

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