Thursday, November 2, 2017

Beautiful Bodybuilder Women (Part 9) :

Beautiful Bodybuilder Women (Part 9)
Beautiful Bodybuilder Women (Part 9) :
Nutrition is a complementary but necessary part of the program for successfully building beautiful musclewomen. A diet of about 25% of the calories coming from protein, 40% from complex carbohydrates and the rest from fibre and fats will be useful in rebuilding tissue damaged by intense and strenuous workouts.
Dietary supplements are recommended also; protein powder mixed with raw milk, and amino acids to help with burning fat and to metabolize the protein. For the best source of usable protein, lots of eggs should be eaten.

A soluble oil, like wheatgerm oil, should be ingested for endurance and energy, and also desiccated liver and kelp tablets can be taken for a concentrated protein boost...

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