Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bodybuilding For Women (Part 1) :

Bodybuilding For Women (Part 1)
When people think of bodybuilding for women they often think of women with massive muscles that just try to look like male bodybuilders. But the truth is this really isn't the case at all. Women's bodybuilding is far more than just trying to have large muscles, it is more about having a complete sculpted body that looks natural but ultra toned at the same time.

Men produce a lot of testosterone that women simply don't have. This enables men to grow larger muscles than women. So women bodybuilders will always be smaller in stature than the men. Some women result to taking testosterone supplements to increase their levels and to grow their muscles larger. These can have certain side effects though and should be fully researched before chossing them as an option.

Even though women can't physically grow muscles as large as men, it doesn't mean that they don't train as hard. They must stick to a strict regime of diet and fitness to ensure their bodies look just the way they want to. This can be said for bodybuilding competitions also. They put in just as much work before competitions as men do...

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