Saturday, July 28, 2018

Getting toned vs. Losing Weight :

Getting toned vs. Losing Weight
Just because you are losing weight doesn't necessarily mean you are going to be toned. Ever see someone who looks skinny but when they take off their shirt they still have fat? It is known as skinny fat and is something you want to avoid.
So, how do you avoid becoming skinny fat? You need to build up some muscle so when you burn the fat off your body you have something to show for it. Muscle is going to make your skin look tighter and allow more muscle definition to show up.

You need to do some form of strength training weather that be bodyweight training or weight lifting. Weights are more effective because you can add resistance easier but bodyweight exercises such as pushups, dips, pullups, bodyweight rows, and squats will help as well.
Making sure to consume adqeuate amounts of protein is vital to building muscle as well. 1 gram per pound that you weigh is a standard rule but you should have no less that .7 grams per pound that you weigh.

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