Saturday, July 14, 2018

What are the advantages of H.I.I.T ? 3. The EPOC effect, for rapid weight loss (Part 2) :

3. The EPOC effect, for rapid weight loss (Part 2) :
the body therefore finds itself in debt of oxygen and in the obligation to over consume energy in the recovery phase to "reimburse" it and regain its state before effort.
And faster metabolism means faster weight loss. Thus, a regular and correctly performed HIIT training can eliminate, in a few weeks, many more calories and fat mass than the classic routine.

Some experiments conducted on athletes subjected to various training programs have shown that subjects who followed an H.I.I.T protocol lost 9 times more body fat than subjects who performed a traditional endurance program. Similarly, another recent study shows that, at the same amount of calories expended during the training session, athletes who performed an H.I.I.T protocol burned 10% more calories in the 24 hours following exercise than subjects subjected to conventional training.
4. Better circulation (and elimination) of fat levels in the blood to further facilitate weight loss

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