Sunday, August 5, 2018

Amazing transformation ! Great inspiration ! Weight loss :

Amazing transformation ! Great inspiration ! Weight loss
Omg guys!!!! I’m getting beyond happy!!!! It was hard work!!!! But this is the best progress I’ve made and I’m so proud of myself!!!

My goal was to be under 300, I did it in less than a year with no stimulants and no surgery and I didn't even have to wrap myself, lol. From 405 to 289. My next big goal is to be under 250 by September 27th my birthday. If I can do it at over 400 lb so can you.


Sara Emilia said...

Amazing transformation!! thanks for sharing. We need to see more inspiring testimonials like yours to give us courage and strength to keep going in this journey.

Cherry Edie said...

Great inspiration . You look amazing . I have the same birthday . I just booked a cruise that will leave on the 27th sep next year . Would love to be my goal weight then . Restarting again