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Keto Diet, Weight Loss, Success Story ❤️❤️ (Part 1) :

Keto Diet, Weight Loss, Success Story ❤️❤️ (Part 1)
Keto Diet
""Lost 111 Pounds On The Keto Diet Without Going To The Gym""
Like the rest of my family, I’ve always been tall. But unlike them, I’ve also been overweight since I was young. Most
meals in my family consisted of quick, not-so-nutritious foods like Hamburger Helper or takeout pizza.
I ended up losing 80 pounds when I was 17, but not in a way that was healthy. In all honesty, I basically starved myself (I drastically cut calories and skipped meals), which ended up only worsening my relationship with food.
Soon after, I became pregnant, and I gained most of the weight back.
But I lost it again due to stress after my daughter died at five weeks old. My weight yo-yo’ed for a while after that (I was avoiding processing the loss of my daughter and indulging in unhealthy habits), until I wound up at my heaviest weight—276 pounds, after the birth of my second daughter.

The turning point came when I heard about a friend who had recently lost weight through the ketogenic diet.
I’d tried all the different fad diets the cabbage soup diet, drastically restricting calories but nothing ever stuck for me until keto. I officially started the keto diet in August 2016.
At first, the weight loss came pretty easy I lost 70 pounds in just under a year on the diet, but then I plateaued. I eased up on my diet, and though I wasn’t eating anywhere near what I used to eat, I still wasn’t eating as mindfully as I could.
Eventually, I started the keto diet again.
Once I re-committed, I lost an additional 40 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 111 pounds over two years and three months.
Keto Diet, Weight Loss, Success Story ❤️❤️ (Part 1)

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