Sunday, January 20, 2019

Keto Diet, Weight Loss, Success Story ❤️❤️ (Part 2) :

Keto Diet, Weight Loss, Success Story ❤️❤️ (Part 2)
Keto Diet, Weight Loss, Success Story ❤️❤️ (Part 1)
Keto Diet, Weight Loss, Success Story ❤️❤️ (Part 2) :
Now, my life’s all about maintenance my goal is to be healthy, not skinny.
I try to keep my net carbs at 20 grams or less per day, and though I’ll have the occasional cheat meal, I won’t have a full cheat day. My diet is pretty strict, but I don’t feel restricted. I like to meal prep, so I usually have something in the slow-cooker or I’ll prepare chicken on Sunday night that I’ll eat throughout the week. Here’s how my meals tend to play out:
Breakfast: chia and hempseed pudding
Lunch: a piece of chicken with half an avocado
Dinner: some sort of red meat (lately it’s been venison) with steamed vegetables
Snack: a handful of walnuts, a square of dark chocolate that’s made of at least 85 percent cocoa, or SmartSweets gummy snacks
As far as exercise goes, I mostly work out at home.

I try to find ways to work in exercise as a daily part of my life: I walk at least five miles per day, and I do bodyweight and resistance band exercises at home for 45 minutes to an hour five times per week.
But, honestly, I’m much less strict about my exercise than other aspects of my lifestyle. If I have a lot going on, for example, I don’t feel guilty about cutting down my workout. Health is a priority, of course, but I don’t want my daughter to see me pass up on a meal or consistently sacrifice time or sleep for exercise.
I’m still getting used to my new body.
Though I’ve never gone to a doctor for an official diagnosis, I almost feel like I’ve developed body dysmorphia since I lost the weight. I don’t necessarily see myself as a thin person, and I have a hard time seeing a difference between current photos and old photos of myself.

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