Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to exercise your biceps :

How to exercise your biceps
Although I have nothing against doing a few good curls for the big biceps how do you do these can make a big difference.
First, make sure you are really challenging yourself with weight. Being able to do 20-30 reps is not going to help muscle growth as you're not forcing the muscle to adapt to heavy weights. Make sure you are curling enough weight to fail about 8-10 reps because at this level you will be causing the Sever muscle stress which is what makes the muscles get bigger.

Secondly, a small but important part of any bicep exercise is that when you are at the top of the lift really shake your biceps for a moment before going down. This induces a "pump" which is a controversial topic among bodybuilders. Some say it is effective at working type 2 fibers that add to mass and others think the impact is minimal. I say that it does not hurt you to do this and any additional benefit is worth it!

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