Saturday, March 23, 2019

Do you work abs every workout ? :

Do you work abs every workout ?
Do you work abs every workout ?

Abs are no different from any other muscle, work them, let them rest.. Baring in mind you are engaging them in most of the exercises you do, you don't need to add in loads of specific ab work. Also bare in mind that for them to even start to show you need to be heading for sub 10% body fat levels and I'd say think about what you eat first..

I just recently started to work my core everyday I am at the gym. After the workout I do a bunch of sit ups and then a combination of other core stuff(heavy good mornings, planks, Russian twists, RDLs, GHD work..). In total about 10 minutes. Just started so I still think I need to work.
HOWEVER, my lower back feels great since I started

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