Sunday, April 7, 2019

Keto Diet Meal Plan. Weight Loss, Burning Fat :

Keto Diet Meal Plan. Weight Loss, Burning Fat
It’s a war on carbs when you begin keto. You go through different phases on keto. Eventually you will get to the point of carbs are GOOD! I do between 100 g and 150 g and it is still considered low carb. For me, carbs from something like rice or a sweet potato several hours before a training session work great. There has been research showing that certain carbs, when heated and cooled, become a resistant starch. Resistant starches, such as sweet potatoes and sushi rice, are ideal for low-carb living. Post-workout, I have 30 grams of dextrose gummy bears to replenish my glycogen stores. 

Having my pre-workout carbohydrates come from food allows me to make an agreement with myself that I’m not going to eat any more food carbs the rest of the day. The only other source of carbs may come from my post-workout gummy bears. Everyone’s workout schedule is different, so you can experiment with this in whatever way you’d like. There’s no reason to overthink it. There’s research that refutes every single thing that I just said. This kind of low-carb works for me. So play with it and see what gives you the best results. As Emil said above try 50. See how it works. We are all different people.

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