Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition... Weight loss :

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition...  Weight loss
You are not tracking your calories and you are probably eating whatever you want or feel like at the moment.

Losing weight and being in great shape takes massive discipline, and most importantly, sacrifice.

I didn’t get my physique by just working out, I achieved it by disciplining myself with Nutrition and sacrificing what I used to be, for a better me.

I used to eat huge bowls of cereal, pizza, drink juice and soda all the time, and eat like crap. I never made any progress back then, until I changed my nutrition.

What you have to do is learn about dieting and nutrition.

There are only two options:

1.) You study nutrition, experiment a crap ton, study it day and night for many months and years like how I did....
2.) Hire a Coach to teach you and speed up the learning process.

Number #1 Will Cost You TIME

Number #2 Will Cost You MONEY

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