Tuesday, April 16, 2019

When your husband doesn't support your diet :

When your husband doesn't support your diet
What do you do when your husband doesn't support your diet? For example: yesterday we were walking up to a bunch of food places, I was hungry. I said I wanted to go to a healthy place called "the chopped leaf" he said no, then we were walking up to a Harvey's (fast food) and he said yes. He never wants to get healthy food because it's "too expensive". He always wants fried chicken and pizza, when I suggest sushi he always says no. Whenever I ask what I should make for dinner he always suggests frozen food or the simplest thing, instead of healthy meals with lots of veggies. 

He says he's healthy and eats veggies but he's not, he eats a vegetable like every 2-3rd day. He's not as overweight as me, he has a skinny body but a fairly big gut. I keep telling him I need to be serious about eating healthy because the weight is affecting my health, he says he supports me but he doesn't encourage me at all. He never wants to go for walks either. I just go to the gym by myself now. I know I can get my own food, which I do sometimes, but when he mentions fried chicken it's hard to say no because of my unhealthy relationship with food and my food addiction. And it's a major pain to make or order two meals. He isn't encouraging me at all.

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