Tuesday, July 30, 2019

10 tips to lose weight, Successful weight loss :

10 tips to lose weight, Successful weight loss
1. Don't make every dairy non fat. Leave one dairy per day or at least every alternate day that is not low fat or non fat. Especially milk. Nutritionists say this actually helps weight loss.

2. When eating out, order salad. This is a must-do for your weight loss program. When you incorporate a salad in your meal, you get filled more quickly and it leaves you no room for more of the main course.

3. Incorporate activity. No diet can help you if you are sitting on your couch and making yourself physically weak and fat. It can be difficult to incorporate exercise and your job may not allow time for gym, but incorporating activity isn't just about making yourself go to the gym for two days and then leaving it because something else came up.

4. More about activity. Activity can be any activity that makes you feel better. I know this guy who told me how he liked to help people carrying groceries to their cars and using this as a workout! It made him feel better because the people seemed to love him and he was burning calories at the same time. Activity can also be dance lessons! Just imagine if you were lose weight while being able to do salsa!

5. Butter walk. If you really need that cream cheese bagel, then you must walk to go get it. Yes, that is the new rule. Need that evening donut? Walk to get it. You have no idea how many calories you can account for by doing this simple walking ritual.

6. Wholegrain vs. white flour. The debate has gone on for years, and still holds true. White flour relates to weight gain, while wholegrain flour is organic and serves good purpose.

7. All is not bad. You must remember grains and carbohydrates are a part of daily diet and cannot be banned from meals, regardless of what those fad diets say.

8. Being classy helps. It looks more classy and fashionable when you go somewhere and make all those healthy food choices - "Can I have a whole wheat, cucumber sandwich, and a glass of orange juice?" as opposed to "Gimme a mayonnaise sandwich and go heavy on the cheese okay?"

9. Weekend attire. Apparently what you wear on a lazy weekend decides what you will eat on this lazy weekend too. Nutritionists and dieticians confirm that wearing a sweat shirt and flip flops will keep you on the couch with that potato chip bag, while adorning formal wear will give you a feeling of being careful with what you eat.

10. Shop till you drop. This is simply another way to incorporate a healthy activity. If you like shopping then just shop and burn enough fat for a couple of days! Even if you can't buy, you should try things on or simply window shop.

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