Monday, July 29, 2019

Challenges Delimiting Female BodyBuilders (Part 3) :

Challenges Delimiting Female Body Builders (Part 3)
Challenges Delimiting Female Body Builders (Part 3) :
Women with toned, fine tuned and leaned muscular framework looks fantastic if not fabulous. This perfect look when in a woman ought to be cerebrated as an achievement not frowned at by a largely insecure or jealous male population. It takes strenuous, sustained and sacrificially borne efforts to exercise until the woman's figure is fine-tuned, actually almost twice the amount of effort required by a man to achieve a similar feat.

Physiology weaknesses or rather differences also delimit women in their quest for muscles but only because most exercising equipments are moulded and derived from male-friendly-designs. Although both genders have similar muscle networks which functions in a replicated similarity during contraction and relaxation, males have a more defined distinction and even mass density. Another delimiting factor is hormonal cycles. Oestrogen greatly competes with exercise routines in encouraging the storage of more solid fats in females, and sometimes the hormone wins over the exercises. Instead of aiding muscle growth, female hormone-oestrogen compounds fat deposits. Interestingly enough, the male hormone testosterone, compounds muscle mass generation.

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