Monday, July 29, 2019

Bodybuilding Females (Part 1) :

Bodybuilding Females (Part 1)
Bodybuilding Females by Rich Powers
So you want to join the ranks of bodybuilding females? But you still wrestling with the question of Size zero or well toned body ... hmm! Tough call. Size zero is about keeping your bones together in a skin bag and a well toned body is about getting that "Baywatch babe" you have been hiding, out in the open. No brainer decision really!

Bodybuilding females are the picture of health, satisfied and have good body symmetry. Over the last few years there has been a huge increase in the number of women bodybuilders. There is far better understanding amongst women of what can be achieved by bodybuilding than ever before.

It was believed that women could not build muscle due to the high levels of estrogen and lack of testosterone in the female body. Whilst it is true that men can build muscles easier than women, women most definitely can build muscle without too much effort or the use of testosterone shots. In fact the process of building muscle in women is the same as men.

Besides the obvious benefit of turning a few heads with that "Baywatch Babe" body, there are more great benefits for bodybuilding females. By increasing the bodies muscle mass you can greatly improve you strength, minimize the effects of aging by decreasing muscular atrophy (especially if you are 40 or over). And here is a real biggy...because you have built some really great and shapely muscle your body's metabolic rate just went through the roof. So you can have that delicious cheese cake whilst your size zero friends have some or other green thing.

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