Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Truth About Natural Bodybuilding (Part 3) :

The Truth About Natural Bodybuilding (Part 3)
The Truth About Natural Bodybuilding (Part 3) :
Those who lift weights or use their own body as resistance to achieve any degree of muscle tone, strength or power are engaged in "building" their body. This practice has numerous names - body-shaping, body-sculpting, resistance training, weight-lifting, weight training or working-out. Whatever you call it, if you pump iron you are bodybuilding to some degree. Competition level bodybuilders simply take the same process of training and dieting to an extreme level.

Natural bodybuilding avoids any chemicals or toxic substances. Natural athletes avoid banned substances for two reasons. First, the rules of natural bodybuilding clearly state that they are not permitted and second, crossing the pharmaceutical line reduces health, and health is what natural bodybuilding is all about. Therefore the destructive use of performance enhancing drugs is deemed unacceptable.

The idea of natural bodybuilding is to take your genetic potential to the maximum using supplements, training and high quality food. Health is never compromised for aesthetic value; rather aesthetics are altered in response to controlled exercise performed faithfully and always progressively. This creates a natural cause and effect, facilitated through both hard and smart work and constant vigilance. Biological bodybuilding provides us with the opportunity to challenge ourselves, outperform ourselves and demonstrate our potential. It is not about looking better than anyone else. The lifestyle encourages wellness and provides a reliable means of extending health span.

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