Thursday, August 22, 2019

Benefit From The Finishing Touch After Major Weight Loss :

Benefit From The Finishing Touch After Major Weight Loss
You have done it! You have worked hard, changed your diet and eating habits, started working out, and yet still, you do not quite look the way you thought you would after losing all that weight. The skin around your abdomen, buttocks, and upper arms sags. Your thighs do not have quite the tone and shape you had hoped for once you "got in shape." You have done enough sit ups to flatten the stomachs of a hundred people, but the results still are not showing. Do not despair. The answer to your sagging, deflated, not-so-toned appearance may well be weight loss surgery.

You thought that once you lost the weight, you would be one of those stunning model types you see strolling the beaches around Pacific Beach. Instead, what you are left with is anything but beach-ready. It is not uncommon, especially after major weight loss, for skin and body shape to look and feel slightly out of proportion. A cosmetic surgeon can help with body contouring by removing excess skin and leftover fat cells to help you look as stunning and beautiful as you had hoped as you worked and sweated those pounds away.

Common and often preformed cosmetic surgeries, the tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) can smooth out and tighten the abdominal area. By removing excess skin and fat, as well as tightening the muscles of the abdominal area, you can have that beautifully flat tummy you always envisioned. Likewise, a breast lift, lower body lift, or upper arm lift can take care of those sagging areas that keep you from showing off the new and improved, slimmer you. Not only will your upper arms and lower body look smoother and firm, but a breast lift can restore the youthful appearance of your profile.

Cosmetic surgery options after major weight loss can give you that healthy, smooth, fit, and trim appearance you thought you would have after you lost weight. You have already done all of the hard work. A plastic surgeon can help put the finishing touches on that great, healthy body you have worked so hard to get. Do not let sagging skin or stubborn areas keep you from showing off the slimmer, more attractive you. With a few simple procedures, your cosmetic surgeon can make it possible to have that body you have been dreaming of and working hard to build.

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