Thursday, October 3, 2019

Weight loss, This is my six month progress since starting keto...

This is my first post on here and I wanted to share where I started to where I am now. This is my six month progress since starting keto, IF, and strength training. Over the years I've been an on again of again gym rat. But the difference now is that I'm no longer a cardio queen that was scared of lifting. I've had success with fad diets and and hours and hours of cardio in the past but it was always short lived because it was so easy to gain weight back. I'm now 38 and in March was forced to admit how out of shape I had let myself get when a live video was posted of me performing on stage.

I was embarrassed by what the world saw watching me sing and I was ashamed of myself. So, I decided then and there that I would turn my health around. I hit the gym the next day and actually talked to a trainer and got a completely different kind of program that involved strength training instead of just weightloss. I'm now in love with lifting and get so excited to see my muscle become defined before my eyes. I do very little cardio now and focus on transforming my body's composition through muscle.

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