Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Bodybuilding Exercises for Women - How to Get a Toned and Sexy Body (Part 1) :

It's not all that uncommon for females to shy away from bodybuilding workouts due to the concern of building bulky mass instead of sleek sexy muscles. But the truth is that there are a slew of bodybuilding exercises that are optimal for women. By choosing the right exercise and technique, the result will be toned looking muscles, not the bulked up body of a wrestling battle royal competitor. The bottom line is resistance training can be beneficial for everyone, even if you are not looking to bulk up.

Resistance training, also called strength training, encompasses almost all exercises that you do that are not considered to be cardiovascular activities. They require weight, hydraulics, bands, and other devices that act as a force against your body when you work out. This causes your muscles to work harder. A common misconception for women is that higher repetitions of lighter weights will improve tone and avoid muscle mass. This is patently untrue. If anything, this will cause the muscles to be "tuned" for endurance - really neither improving tone nor adding mass as a result.

For women, a better strategy for bodybuilding exercises would be to lift heavier weights with a lower repetition counts. The truth is that "toning" muscles is a bit of a misnomer. Toned and sexy looking muscles are really muscles that have just a little more mass, but coupled with a body frame that is physically fit (less body fat percentage.)

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