Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Weight loss, Take pictures. They are important :

Weight loss, Take pictures. They are important
I wanted to tell you what happened this weekend... I was sitting on the couch yesterday and I was feeling down about my cheat meal Saturday night on date night... we'll my hubby look at me, tells me how great I'm doing and to not feel guilty about my cheat meal bc I deserved it... he says let me find this picture I saw on  today..... so he searches his memories and turns to me and says.....if you don't think you've came a long way...look at this pic....I was literally floored.....he says here's your transformation picture..... I can't believe I allowed myself to get that BIG.... wow....I have came along way..... a few things for yall to remember....

1. Take pictures. They are important
2. Trust the process (it won't happen overnight)
3. Believe in yourself
4. Know your worth
5. Don't compare yourself to anyone (do you!!!! Because everyone's body is different and we all lose at different rates
6. Train hard

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