Sunday, November 3, 2019

Weight Loss With Bodybuilding? (Part 2) :

Weight Loss With Bodybuilding? (Part 2) : 
The idea of weight loss with bodybuilding is not real popular in spite of all the studies that have shown the results you can get with resistance training, just look in any gym and you will see the majority of people still wanting to lose weight by using cardio. That is not to say that cardio exercise does not have its benefits because it does.

However lean muscle mass will continue to burn fat even if you missed some days at the gym because there are other things in life besides your workout routine! If your routine is strictly cardio the benefits will be diminished quickly once you are absent from the gym for a long period of time.

Besides the benefit of weight loss bodybuilding will also help another muscle and that is your heart! A strong heart means less chance of stroke or heart attacks. A strong heart will increase blood flow which as we all know increases oxygen into our system!

The strategy of weight loss with bodybuilding goes well beyond the muscle growth; the psychological benefits are just as important as the physical benefits though it is good to have the tandem as they go together very well and all for your benefit.

It is also important to understand that you may be tempted to use drugs to enhance your performance but it would be wise to consider the consequences before you jump in and start popping pills. The gains you might get could be offset by the health risk. So it would be wise to read the label before you start gulping.

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