Saturday, December 28, 2019

Conceptualizing Common Bodybuilding Terminologies (Part 1) :

Building body mass simply means increasing the size of your muscles. Realistic expectations need to be set when initiating a bodybuilding program. Many bodybuilders have been fooled by the sheer notion of the stereotypes involved in body building. Most of the terms used have very strong connotations. Imagine a person who dreams of being a bodybuilder but has never succeeded trying to explain what such a word as strength training means. The sheer feeling of low esteem becomes a stumbling block for the body builder. He cannot therefore describe such a term with equal enthusiasm as he would if he succeeded in body building.

A body building program is a set of rules that define what the body builder does once in the gym over a determined period of time. The rules of the game are well outlined in an ideal body building program. Although the rules bear resemblance across a wide array of distinct programs featured in the body building fraternity, individual's success is always unique and personally determined. Expert guidance through the program is needed especially for new initiates into body building. Personal routines can be executed in different ways based on personal goals, strengths, likes and preferences. The rules of a male body builder will always differ from that of any female body builder for obvious reasons like goals and objectives aimed at. Every amateur body builder (one who has just started training) is therefore bound to see the assorted array of body building programs in different and perhaps confusing perspectives.

Motivation in body building circles refers to the level of commitment that the body builder is willing to commit to the accomplishment of the identified body building routines. Every program comes with its own challenges which call for different levels of motivation if the program is to be maintained consistently. Some key points like motivation, goal setting etc. have to be incorporated into the body building program if the program is to be sustained until it yields considerable gains.

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