Saturday, January 25, 2020

Crossfit babes :

Crossfit babes
How Three CrossFit Mom-Athletes Get It All Done by Adriana Cantu
"BEEP ... BEEP ... BEEP ..." or if you're a mom, "Mom, mom, mom, wake up." Or, you might just hear the little cries of your baby wanting his feeding at say, three o'clock in the morning because naturally, that's the best time for baby to be hungry. Here are 8 good reasons why you, as a woman, should get started with CrossFit and enjoy this rich and complete sport:

- CrossFit is a complete and dynamic sport. Complete since it targets all parts of the body as well as almost all muscle groups. Dynamic because it is based on intense, explosive but above all diversified and changing exercises. As a result, you will be able to change your exercise routine quite often and therefore avoid the boredom of repeating the same movements.

- It strengthens your heart (without having to do 200 reps per day of abs). CrossFit aims to structure and strengthen your capacities as a whole. As a result, it will allow you to work your muscles, burn unnecessary fat and strengthen your heart through cardio sessions. This cardiac strengthening will allow you to slow down your heart rate, stay zen on a daily basis and no longer doubt your abilities to mount races on several floors when the elevator is down.

- It allows you to burn calories faster. Try doing some good WODs (training of the day) combining movements like deadlifts, squats or even cleans and you will quickly find that this kind of exercise is not only exhausting but it also brings you physical and metabolic means necessary for a better combustion of calories, a more effective loss of fat and a remarkable gain in muscles.

- You will be more muscular. And here, we are talking about slimming, having an athletic body, burning fat, having well-shaped limbs and a harmonious figure. Indeed, a woman who practices CrossFit is not at all obliged to become a mountain of muscles.

- You will feel like the Energizer bunny. I know, it may seem a little odd, but thanks to CrossFit, you will have a lot more energy every day to perform all your daily tasks and, above all, more endurance and breath to finish your day without becoming a vegetable after dark.

- It increases your self-confidence. Performing the exercises that men do and challenging them on certain goals will not only allow you to see that you can exceed your own limits, but also that you are able to challenge yourself stronger than you.

- It increases your sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. In fact, after each complex and difficult WOD you complete, you will be proud of yourself and find that you have underestimated your abilities. This feeling will affect all your other daily tasks, which will no longer seem as insurmountable as before.

- It’s an investment for a better future. Like any woman who wants to stay young and graceful at any age, I don't want to suffer from bone density problems at 50, I want to jump like a child at 60 and stay strong and flexible beyond 70. CrossFit can make it all possible! Thanks to a robust and sheathed musculature, a reinforced skeleton and well-oiled joints, your youth will never leave you.

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