Tuesday, April 14, 2020

(ID:17787) AccuFeet: Acupresure Insoles :

AccuFeet: Acupresure Insoles
Countries allowed : Canada, United States
Reduce Pain & Relax Your Feet As You Walk!
Ancient Chinese Reflexology PinPoints Vital Areas In Your Body For Targeted Relief. Reflexology uses specific areas of the feet to stimulate corresponding body areas. 

How Does AccuFeet Work?
AccuFeet uses 185 meticulously placed 'acupoints' in each insole in order to relieve pressure. Designed as one size fits all for both men and women in mind, there are five magnets placed at key reflex acupoints that emit 400 gauss of healing magnetic waves.
Engineers at AccuFeet have created the ultimate shoe insole for every American Feet. Finally you can have custom insoles that do not cost custom pricing.

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