Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Weight loss, 100lbs down as of today!

Weight loss, 100lbs down as of today!
100lbs down as of today!
The picture on the left is from this time last year after I had lost 20lbs
Even tho my journey has came so far it's only the beginning!
This year has been amazing! I have fallen in love with weight training and I have worked so hard staying focused! Then I had days that were terrible and I messed up.

Didn't go to the gym. Didn't count calories or micronutrients. I let my depression get in the way of my goals. I ate what I wanted and it made me feel worse than I did before. But I'm thankful for those days because they taught me the importance of staying consistent.
I can honestly say im ready for 2020 so I can get to my next big goal by taking it one day at a time!

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