Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Weight loss, what the secret is ?

Weight loss, what the secret is ?
ETA: my tattoos are not magic. The second picture is taken in a mirror so it's backwards. Feel free to look at my FB or IG definitely my tattoos 😒 added another photo because people don't understand mirrors

I bought a romper. Something I couldn't have imagined wearing 6 months ago. And honestly.. I look pretty friggin bomb in it 🤣♥️

I purchased a pair of size 6 jeans because they were on sale and I KNEW one day I'll fit into them. I got home and tried them on. Buttoned & zipped. I can't breathe but oh well. 🤷

132 days....How?
Dedication. Absolute obsession.

I didn't eat the cookie. Even though I wanted to.
I didn't sneak a chocolate. Even when I had my period
I didn't eat another slice of pizza. Even when everyone else did.
I didn't take the elevator, even though my legs were sore.
I didn't order a soda, even though I was sick of water.

Everyone asks me what the secret is. I wish I had one. I wish there was a magic trick. The secret is you have to WANT it. Bad enough. It has to consume you.

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