Monday, February 10, 2020

5 Tips For Bodybuilding At College (Part 1) :

When you come to move into college it can be an exciting and some testing time, especially if you are serious about your weight training and bodybuilding. As you’ll no longer have access to your favourite gym or all the healthy food you’d normally be able to have at home and you’ll probably find that sharing fridges and kitchens can be a headache.

You’ll need to be dedicated and motivated

It might take you a week or two to get settled in and it can be daunting starting at college, however once you find your feet, if you have high levels of commitment and drive you’ll have no problems keeping in shape and getting that perfect toned body. However there are a number of essentials tips that’ll help you on your way.

1 - Set goals and plan ahead

Before you start college it is essential that you set out clear and specific goals and devise a training program for the year and make a commitment to stick to it. Don’t forget this includes your nutrition and diet as well as your workouts.

2 - Get the right nutrition

If possible try and stay in self catered accommodation so that you can have maximum control over your nutrition and ensure that you’re eating the right foods. If not you are going to have more of a difficult job, as college food in catered accommodation is average at best and most certainly not ideal for packing on muscle and burning off fat. If you find yourself in this situation don’t over do your eating on the college food, especially if its food your body isn’t used to, instead save up for a small fridge for your room. Budget for some healthy food week and stock up your fridge with good nutritious food which your body will thank you for.

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