Saturday, March 7, 2020

Blossom Carlene women Strong and Over 60 year :

Blossom Carlene women Strong and Over 60 year
Still smiling pre-workout and after. So far I’m not freaking out about cutting the lifting down from 6 to 3 days a week (MWSat) with two cardio days (30’ steady state). I feel good and I admit I enjoy the cardio days as a mental break and a way to meditate (Jacobs ladder and elliptical). What I find interesting is that even though I’m lifting less, my appetite (especially on my off days) is off the charts. As in ravenous. This is new for me. 

I upped calories this week without stressing about the increase and made sure I hit my protein macros (carbs and fat are up too). I’m staying off the scale/BF for this entire month and just going by how I feel. The purpose of this experiment is to see if I can put on more muscle by letting my body recover in between session.

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