Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Weight loss, look absolutely amazing beautiful great job wow :

Weight loss, look absolutely amazing beautiful great job wow
Don’t focus on the scale,
FOCUS on how you feel

Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s
FOCUS on just being inspired by it

Don’t focus on the foods you can’t eat right now, FOCUS on finding fun and creative ways to cook from now on.

Don’t focus on the time length of your weight loss,
FOCUS on a lifetime of being smaller than you are today.

Don’t focus on boredom and snacking,
FOCUS on making a list of different activities you now want to do.

Some of you are worried about going back to old habits being at home all day right now.
Focus on recognizing it, find something to do, talk to someone, drink a large glass of water, go for a walk or put on music and dance around for a bit. Replace the cravings with new habits. Use time on your side right now.

Some of you are bummed because your surgeries were postponed or cancelled for the time being. Focus your energy as if the new date is scheduled, pump yourself up for it, start taking control now of little decisions with food or exercise. Make a vision board of things you want to accomplish. Don’t be discouraged, take this time to work on your emotions and mental reasons for why you got bigger and brought you here. Part of the surgery process is working through them. Start now so when the day comes, you will be unstoppable!


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