Saturday, April 4, 2020

Weight loss, sharing 3 top tips!

Weight loss, sharing 3 top tips!
6stone - 11 months! (sharing 3 top tips!) REMEMBER it’s not just the numbers on the scale that add up, it’s the inches & the way your clothes fit too!

TIP 1 ** take your measurements (waist, arms, bust & thighs!) when you’re feeling like your getting no where take your measurements again and seethe difference! You may be surprised!

TIP 2 ** try the same pair of trousers/jeans on every 3 weeks and feel the difference yourself, I bought some jeans 2 sizes smaller and tried them on consistently it did wonders for my motivation especially when the scales weren’t playing nice!

TIP 3 ** take transformer photos there’s nothing better than looking back when you are in a foul mood or at a standstill to see and notice how far you’ve come, most of us don’t realise till we are confronted with an old image of us! ⚖️📸

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