Sunday, May 17, 2020

How to Lose Weight, Hard work truly pays off for sure :

How to Lose Weight, Hard work truly pays off for sure
Do you know that you can literally make your dreams, your reality? You can.

Sure, obstacles are a thing. But if you stay focused on that dream and you continue to put effort towards getting closer to this life you have imagined, it would be impossible to not have made some progress.

The past- fuck it. It doesn’t exist anymore. There’s absolutely not one thing you can do about it, it’s gone. The future? So many seem to be afraid of the “what could happen” or even failure. Define future. I’m all ears, let me hear your definition of future. It’s in your head it literally hasn’t happened yet, the ONLY thing you need to be thinking about; is NOW. Now is real. Now is happening. The present moment.

But here’s the thing about dreams, you’re in full control. You can do whatever you want in your lifetime through decisions.

You are fully capable of deciding on whether or not you’re going to execute something!
Tell me I’m wrong.
I was morbidly obese, 17 years old, 280lbs that I know of, keep in mind I’ve been dieting since I was a kid, at 5’0. And I always took pictures of my body because I KNEW. I KNEW IN MY HEART. I was going to change.

I stopped wasting time, I started doing what needed to be done. I made the changes. I committed to the life changes- why? Because that’s what my path took, to get where I am today.

Decide on yours.

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