Friday, May 29, 2020

Weight loss, I've been running home for 50 days

Weight loss, I've been running home for 50 days
I have no evidence, no goals, not much space. I'm also not thinking about performance. The reality is different. The world is different. The priorities are different. ⁣

The focus now is on maintaining physical and mental health. It means keeping up with my conscience and being able to share good habits and good energies. ⁣

I put songs that remind me of happy moments and I just go. Alone. Reflecting. Living. ⁣

And at the end of each workout I am sure of my choices and the amount of love and dedication involved. ⁣

I have no doubts about the transformative power of sport and discipline. It is not just about eliminated pounds. It was a change from the inside out. OrBody, soul and heart.⁣

We can all evolve in various aspects of life. May this difficult moment make us reflect so that we can improve as people.⁣

Let's move on. ⁣
Firm, strong and resilient. 🤍⁣

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